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First Summer Harvest

While we have been experiencing this national heatwave, we’ve still been blessed with enough rain here in the mountains to keep the garden quite content- actually thriving. My daughter harvested two huge market baskets of raspberries a few days ago (and made our favorite raspberry crisp!)


and today I found my first ripe tomato

and zucchini-  I LOVE this time of year! We still have chard and kale that I need to freeze and now the summer crops are starting… I love it.

Our fluffy, happy hens are still laying plenty of beautiful brown eggs. We did have one hen go “broody” on us a couple of weeks ago,

so we had to learn how to help bring her back to the flock. Basically she just had to spend three days in a large wire puppy crate in the outside area of the chicken coop, where she couldn’t get back to the nests. She was so happy to get out and start scratching around with her “sisters” when she finally got back out, and sure enough, she really was completely over her “broody” spell.  That’s one more thing we know how to handle now…

Hope you’re all keeping cool enough out there…