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Taste Test Results

I know it’s only one week before Christmas (!), but I received my instant powdered milks today and completed my taste testing. I’m so excited I just have to announce my discoveries even though it’s December 18th!

Here’s what I tried first:

Mixed just as the directions say to mix, I found it mixed very easily and tasted pretty good. After several hours in the refrigerator it tasted quite good. The portion that I tried the special recipe with (adding very small amount of pure vanilla extract and the tiniest pinch of sea salt) tasted very good.

Next I tried:

I found that this also mixed very easily- then, I discovered the best tasting instant powdered milk in the world- This was so good, just mixed up right out of the can! And I am not even a cow-milk drinker! (I don’t usually go crazy with the exclamation marks either). Seriously, this non-fat instant powdered milk is “creamy” and has the closest to NO powder milk taste of any powdered milk I’ve tried. I had no idea it was possible for powdered cow milk to be tasty enough for even me to use on my Cream of Wheat, etc., but this is that good. My family could drink this- no problem.

Then I tried this company’s instant powdered soy milk, from non-gmo soybeans (I’ve just been reading about how important this is):

I’m so happy! I found a powdered soy milk that is nutritious (high in calcium and other nutrients) that tastes good! It has a unique sort of malted flavor, and is a bit sweet without being too high in carbs. Just right!

So, here’s the nutritional information:

I am delighted to have found my winners! They are:




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