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Planning My Heirloom Vegetable Garden

I love this time of the year when I get to plan the garden and order my seeds. I tried to order all of my heirloom seeds from Baker Creek, but they were sold out of a few selections I was looking for, so I turned to some of my other favorites to fill in the gaps: Botanical Interests, Seed Savers, and Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. Then I went out and measured every part of my garden so I could plot it  and make a real nice drawn up garden plan (being the visual person that I am).  I discovered some nifty, fun web software to help with this endeavor, and have been enjoying plotting my vegetable garden out with real vegetable icons 🙂 this afternoon. The software is found at: plangarden.com and is free for the first 45 days, after which there is a fee of 20.00 if you like it enough to continue using it. It’s time to plan-  Spring is just around the corner!


Fluffed Up the Garden Beds

It felt SO GOOD to get outside today to clean up some of my raised beds in anticipation of spring planting! We got our chickens last fall, so this was the first time I could hear them cooing and clucking while I was out “gardening”. The dogs have always been there to keep me company, but I really enjoyed hearing and seeing my beautiful, big, fat, fluffy, red, hens. Sometimes it’s the little things. I would have taken photos, but all there is right now is dirt (nice dirt- rich dark dirt, but still…) and old dried up plant parts. I hauled away an entire wheel barrow full of the latter up to the burn pile. It just felt so good to be out in the fresh air again. It got me inspired enough to actually start putting pen to paper and making my spring seed order- which I had planned to do by now, but it’s been a crazy busy month. I LOVE my seed catalog from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds- it’s like a super classy magazine- in fact, I like it so much, I might just try and order all my seeds from them this year.