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Favorites Friday!

Did the freekeh freak you out, or did you try it? I sprinkled some of my leftover into my greek yogurt with cherries yesterday and it was divine… yogurt, cherries & freekehSometimes I’m glad I’m not afraid to try new things- even when they’re named something like “freekeh”.

The on-again-off-again cloudy/stormy weather here this week has allowed me to spend more time setting up an area to paint. I reached a point where I just couldn’t wait anymore for my fantasy Ikea studio- I had to find something around here, somewhere, that would work… Sure enough, in the barn I found an old door- and in the woodshop- bingo!- two old saw horses that nobody needed. Now my home-scrounged “art-studio” is my favorite!

homemade art studio

I did splurge and order some new paints that I love because they don’t dry up nearly as fast when I get interrupted have the opportunity to help somebody else around here, and some new brushes (Yay!).

golden open paints

acrylic paint brushes

I’ve also been enjoying taking my camera with me out in the garden, during the sunnier times of the day- and using my all-time favorite lens (which I used for all these photos today).

My favorite- really truly favorite- are southern peaches… southern peaches

Thank heavens they’re in season again. Have a great weekend!


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