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Summer Afternoon Rains

Today’s Harvest…

Then I spent most of the day washing, re-washing, chopping and freezing kale. I’ll be going back to growing Nero Toscana kale from now on, as it was not only incredibly beautiful in the garden, but much smoother leaved and therefore less prone to hiding caterpillars in it’s furls and folds like this batch of Blue Curled Scotch.

Spring Here at the Homestead in Photos



I’m looking forward to rainbow chard, various tom’s, blue curled scotch kale, lettuce including yummy butterhead type that Thomas Jefferson grew at Monticello…

That’s what we’ve been up to the last several weeks. It’s been an absolutely gorgeous spring here in the mountains. Just finished all the summer garden planting this week… can’t wait for tomatoes and zucchinis!

A Simple Gift From Last Year’s Garden

I’ve been enjoying getting out and digging around in my raised beds to prepare the soil for planting new seeds in the coming weeks and months. What a joy when I found “buried treasure”- several left-over red beets. It seems like such a little thing, but to me it was pure encouragement. My relationship with my garden is so fulfilling- it never talks back and it just keeps quietly bearing fruit to nourish me and my family with even when I’ve been busy with other things for a couple of months…

So I washed and shredded the largest beet to top our evening meal’s salad… what a treat!DSC 0214