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Buckwheat Pasta Salad

When we lived in Hawaii my favorite “comfort food” was the Korean BBQ grilled chicken plate with macaroni salad and kimchi. Now that we live thousands of miles away with no Korean BBQ around, I’ve invented my own (healthier!) version of this- that even my men-folk enjoy.

buckwheat pasta salad

I use any whole grain pasta that I have, which today is buckwheat, but you can use any you can find. If you have a Target nearby, they have a spelt pasta noodle that is also very good. (Spelt will have some gluten though- so don’t use that if you want to go gluten-free.)

I also use this Ranch style dressing from Earth Fare (in the cooler) that I like because, unlike mayonnaise and most salad dressings, it contains no soy or canola oils. Soy has estrogen-like substances that are not so good for men or kids- and all canola is genetically modified from the rapeseed plant, originally in Canada- hence the name Canola. There was no such thing as a canola plant when I was growing up. It suddenly sprung on the market here in the U.S. and we are the guinea pigs, if we choose to consume it. You can really use any dressing you like- homemade would be nice, if you’re not too lazy, like me!

buckwheat pasta, kimchi, Cindy's buttermilk ranch dressing

Kimchi’s spicy, crunchy, probiotic perfection just makes this salad work. In Hawaii the kimchi was separate from the mac salad, but I’ve found that it’s amazingly good to just mix them together.

I only use a dash of salt in the pasta cooking water. Between the kimchi and the dressing I find there’s just enough and there’s no need to add any more.


1 bag (8.8 oz.) buckwheat pasta spirals
dash of salt for pasta cooking water
1/2 cup Ranch Dressing or other (I used Cindy’s Fresh Buttermilk Ranch)
1/2 cup fresh, quality kimchi (I used Sunja’s All Natural medium spicy)


Cook pasta according to directions.
Drain and rinse pasta. If using right away, chill with ice and cold water.

rinse buckwheat pasta

When cool, add other ingredients.

Can be served right away or chilled in the refrigerator until you’re ready to serve it.

In my opinion, it goes GREAT (!!!) with BBQ chicken*, and an additional side of kimchi.

*For the chicken, if I can’t use the outdoor grill, I just bake it in the oven with Annie’s Naturals Organic BBQ Sauce: Sweet & Spicy flavored. (I like that it doesn’t have any corn syrup in it.)

Mmmmmm… yummy! Bon Appetit!



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