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Homemade Amish Birdhouse Gourds

Last year when I visited my sister, she took me to see the Old Order Amish that live in the area. Out of respect I couldn’t take any photos, but one of the images that stuck with me was of their birdhouse gourds strung over one of their vegetable gardens. I ordered a packet of seeds, planted them, and watched in amazement as several HUGE sprouts emerged and grew into gigantic vining, flowering plants that eventually produced about twenty big gourds. We kept them in the barn over the winter and a couple of weeks ago my daughter (with some help from Hunky Sawdust Man) cleaned them up and before I knew it there were our very own Amish Birdhouse Gourds, hanging over my garden- They’re so whimsical just on their own, I’d like them even if they weren’t so practical.

The gourd plant is pictured here in the lower right of this photo. When the flowers are open, they resemble lotuses standing up on long stems up over the leafy, green “pond”.

Some of the gourds that grew neatly hanging on the fence~

 A nicely shaped full-grown gourd~

Suspended over the garden- we need to raise them up a bit higher, but aren’t they adorable?!

Although I am perfectly delighted with my Amish Gourds just the way I remember them in the Amish garden we saw last year, my daughter decided to get even more creative and made these just for fun: