Mother & Daughter Chocolate Labs

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4 Thoughts on “Mother & Daughter Chocolate Labs

  1. So sweet 🙂 I like the way you have toned the picture and softened it down to 🙂

  2. My sister used to raise chocolate labs, so this brings back lots of fond memories. A beautiful photo. The goats are so cute.

  3. Great shot! I love labs. I use to have a yellow female and a chocolate male.. I miss them so much!!
    Have a happy day!

  4. Hi Patti,
    Oh my gosh… First thank you for visiting my blog yesterday, I’m so happy you did as it brought me to yours! Love your labs, I have a chocolate too. What kind of goats do you have? I’m in the process of building turn outs and a safe shelter for a couple goats and sheep I hope to add to our homestead in the next couple months. And Organic gardening… We’ll your still talking my language haha. Looking forward to visiting again.

    Have a great day

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