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summer already

My great grand-baby scarlet runner beans are planted, in that luscious composted horse poop featured in my previous gallery posting. These are heirloom beans that I’ve collected the seed-beans from for three generations now. We have two new, homemade goat kids this year too: Moosey and Buckwheat. The mountains are beautiful this time of year…

good neighbor, good soil, happy garden

April At The Homestead

The rainbow chard I planted a little too late for my fall garden survived our mild mountain winter and is resurrected again in my spring garden- I love surprises like that…

Return of the Rainbow Chard!

Return of the Rainbow Chard!


Autumn in and around the garden

I love Autumn more than ever before in my life since we moved to the mountains. I took my camera with me for a walk today around the garden, orchard and yard.

Other recent goings on that don’t really show yet are: the appalachian red garlic is planted, some more lettuces and cilantro. No photos of the mint and kale, but they’re doing well. The truth be told, I enjoy the spring and fall gardens much more than the summer; it’s not too hot, which makes it  wonderful to be outside.

First Week of September Harvest

I do want to write more soon, but as you can see from the garden photos, I’ve been plugging away at bringing in the harvest the last couple of weeks. The Stowell’s Evergreen Corn was a huge success! We actually got real corn that we could eat this year! (Third year’s a charm.) I had to take down the dried lemon balm yesterday, crumble it up real nice and put it up in Ball jars to make room on the hanging racks for the sage that’s waiting to be picked. The fragrance of the oregano that you see here on my kitchen table, is so delightfully satisfying… ahhh, the harvest.

Beautiful August Day & Time For Fall Planting

I got out the fall garden seeds today, but had to pull a lot of old summer things and weeds out to get the beds ready, so I haven’t planted them quite yet. I enjoyed a visit from a little humming bird while I was there,  harvested my last tomatoes and my first pumpkins. The beans are ready too- and what a gorgeous day!