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summer already

My great grand-baby scarlet runner beans are planted, in that luscious composted horse poop featured in my previous gallery posting. These are heirloom beans that I’ve collected the seed-beans from for three generations now. We have two new, homemade goat kids this year too: Moosey and Buckwheat. The mountains are beautiful this time of year…

good neighbor, good soil, happy garden

October in the Mountains (including Biltmore Estate Gardens)

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The Homestead In Photos…

The last few sunny and rainy, stormy days in photos…

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Wordless Wednesday

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Favorites Friday!

I’ve been enjoying taking my camera with me out in the garden, during the sunnier times of the day- and using my all-time favorite lens (which I used for all these photos today).

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My favorite- really truly favorite- are southern peaches… southern peaches

Thank heavens they’re in season again. Have a great weekend!