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summer already

My great grand-baby scarlet runner beans are planted, in that luscious composted horse poop featured in my previous gallery posting. These are heirloom beans that I’ve collected the seed-beans from for three generations now. We have two new, homemade goat kids this year too: Moosey and Buckwheat. The mountains are beautiful this time of year…


good neighbor, good soil, happy garden


October in the Mountains (including Biltmore Estate Gardens)

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Meanwhile, Thunderstorms, Happy Goats & More!


Open Letter To My Chinese Spammer-Wanna-Be

I received your broken-English message recently and have been thinking about you, what you said to me, and what you tried to do to this, my humble blog.

You criticized the Christian Faith as “the false christian faith”, and tried to spam me, but through the marvels of technology your efforts to spam me were thwarted. I still received your anti-Christian message though, and I can’t help but wonder who you are?

Indeed, I have been wondering about you. Are you working for your higher-ups, for pay, or on your own? Are you ever allowed to think for yourself, or are all your actions, words and even most thoughts, forced on you, and in you, by misguided tyrannical control-freaks? How do you (or do you) pursue happiness? Do you have a family that you love? What else do you do besides try to spam American blogs that you interpret as being “Christian”?

I’m really extremely flattered, by the way, that you chose my blog to try to spam when you were looking for something “Christian” to attack. This is the first time in my life I can remember that I have been targeted for my openly professed faith in my Savior. I’ve never tried to make my blog (or my life) really “in your face” religious, but neither do I hide my deliberate, thought-out convictions. That’s the thing- I have the freedom to read, listen, study, compare- truly think and consider for myself- what I believe about where this beautiful, seemingly infinite universe came from;

I am free to weigh many varying, well-reasoned ideas and philosophies on what being human really is; how we got here, why we’re here, where we’re going. Do you ever wonder about these things?

Have you ever read or heard about the mitochondrial dna studies conducted by several well-respected geneticists(1) which came to the astounding conclusion that women of all major “races” in the world today are biologically descended from one, same, maternal ancestor? It’s interesting! Think about it! Do you think that people evolved out of mud, and that the mud evolved or spontaneously blew up out of NOTHING?! THINK about it! Do you think that by some freak accident our beautiful earth just happens to spin at just the right speed and on just the right axis, as it hurls through space, accidentally bringing us day and night, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter?

What about all the plants that are so good to eat- how did that just come out of nothing, by accident? When you THINK about it, the examples such as I’ve cited, go on and on and on. My son is in medical school and is constantly marveling at the workings of the human body- which is all mind-blowing when you open your mind and ponder these things.

Is it really less reasonable to believe the first words in the Bible scriptures that pronounce today, as they have for thousands of years years, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth… and God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light…”?

Have you ever observed that in your own language you have the story of the Biblical flood in your pictograph-word for “boat”?(2) Look- in the “boat” are the exact number of people that were in Noah’s family, whom we are told in the Bible scriptures, sailed in the ark- isn’t that interesting?

boat in Chinese

Your Chinese ancestors appear to have known a bit about this ancient story of Noah, his family, the flood- and the ark. Where did these ideas come from? Do you study your ancient Chinese texts and history? World texts and history? There is so much to learn. I hope you have the freedom to look into these things and many others for yourself.

In a way I am just an American, middle-aged woman; a somewhat ordinary, nondescript Christian, living my blessed, American life, here on the other side of the globe from you. In another way, though, I realize after receiving your note, I am living and expressing an incredible freedom; a freedom of thought, a freedom of speech, a freedom of religion- that I earnestly hope and pray for you, your family, your friends; our whole, shared family of humanity, to be blessed with as well.

God bless you, whoever you are (God knows, even if I never do).




1. “January, 1987, group of U.C. Berkeley geneticists published surprising study in the journal Nature. The researchers examined the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) from 147 people across all of todays major racial groups. These researchers found that the lineage of all people alive today can trace his or her lineage back to a single common female ancestor.” from:

2. The Bible scriptures tell us that there were eight people on the ark- Noah, his wife, his three sons and their wives) and in the Chinese language the word “boat” is made up of three “words”: vessel, eight and people. I originally found this in: Genesis: Finding Our Roots, by Ruth Beechick.



I’m a Grandmother to Twins!

Hi Friends, Sorry I’ve been MIA… I’m a new grandmother to healthy, identical twin boys!! I’ll be back soon…


Best. Mango. Smoothie. Ever.

Some of the best things occasionally happen by accident. Today my son just threw together a bunch of fresh and frozen fruits in the Vitamix because he didn’t want another omelette (what I usually make for his Papa.) OMG! This one is so good!mango smoothie

If you like mangos or smoothies, you have to try it:


equal parts:

frozen mango chunks

frozen pineapple chunks

one fresh nectarine (pitted)

one fresh mandarin orange (peeled)

enough purified water to blend


mango smoothie2yummers…


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